MISKIS jewellery uses mostly sterling silver 925 and fine silver 999. All pieces are handmade, and all imperfections, such as scratches and marks are part of the handmade process.
You won’t find fineness marks, but we buy the material from the most reliable sources in Finland.
MISKIS jewellery aims to be art of every day life, but we realise that even if we like and value things we buy, the crush most likely won’t last a lifetime, that’s why reusability and or versatility of the jewellery are essential. Please note, that you can always fix a broken silver jewellery or reuse the material to make something else of it. That’s why I chose to work with silver.
Taking care of silver jewellery
Wipe after using and store in it’s box. silver will tarnish, clean with polishing cloth. Avoid chemicals on freshwater pearls. Handle with care, silver is quite soft material. If it loses shape you can modify it gently with fingers. some of the models, for example ear pieces should be modified to fit your ear shape.